Property Management Solutions

Denver property owners will benefit from our years of professional property management of Denver commercial properties.

Anyone who has spent time in property management knows there are several problems inherent to our industry. While the problems may be the same, approaches to resolving these concerns may vary greatly.  Over the years Mosaic has developed effective methods that remain consistent with our goals of maintaining a balance between providing quality housing for our residents while not compromising the interests of the property owner or the asset. Below we have highlighted several common problems that may stress owners as well as typical strategies developed by Mosaic for resolution.

Problem:  Rent collections are slow to come in or not paid at all.

Our years of experience have proven that careful screening of residential and commercial tenants is important to receiving rent payments on time. Mosaic has honed our selection criteria to carefully screen residents and tenants.

Problem:  The regulatory and reporting requirements for affordable housing projects are complicated and time-consuming.

Property owners will benefit from our years of experience and the lessons we have learned after having managed mixed-income Section 42 housing, properties with HOME funds or private bond financing and properties with some combination of all. The Mosaic Team understands the serious implication of non-compliance in reporting to the many entities that can be involved in financing projects. Our staff members have the organizational resources and compliance training to keep you and your asset protected. We take on the record keeping responsibilities for our owners and work with the appropriate agency or entity to meet all the required deadlines for you.

Problem:  Staff members that depart unexpectedly after several weeks or months of training.

We view staffing as vital to property operations and have been very successful at hiring and retaining high-quality, experienced property management professionals.  We set high standards at Mosaic Property Management and instill our employees with a sense of ownership. We encourage employees to make suggestions that will improve property operations and provide continuing education which enhances their value to you and keeps them up to date on important issues in residential property management. Exceptional employees are out there and it is our job to find them, develop their skills and retain them!